Advanced formula 24k Gold whitening serum

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This is a luxurious ampoule 24K pure gold (99.9%), 7 peptide complexes and deep-sea plant extracts. It is rich in nutrients, can be deeply penetrated into the bottom of skin to exert powerful moisturizing and anti-aging effects. It also provides intense brightening, hydration and firming effect to your skin, makes it instantly full, moist and glossy, looks supple and healthy.
Product Features:
50mg of pure gold: The fine granular gold can be used to remove toxins and impurities on the skin by ion exchange method, also, stimulates the skin's natural moisturizing factor and promotes metabolism, to achieve the tightening and whitening effects for skin.
7 kinds of peptide combinations: They supply nutrition to skin, to play a role in regenerating and anti-wrinkle, make the skin smoother and plump.
Enhance elasticity : Contains plant extracts such as lotus and Wujiapi, as well as the hydrolyzed collagen extracted from salmon cartilage to increase skin elasticity, lock in water and resist the signs of aging, help to regain youthful skin.
how to use
After cleansing and toning, apply ampoule evenly on your face. Use fingertips to massage over the face until fully absorption.
24K pure gold (99.9%): Detoxifies, tightens, whitens skin and promotes metabolism. 
7 peptide complexes: Anti-wrinkle, giving skin elasticity 
Deep-sea plant extracts: Moisturizing and firming