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Caramel Golden Glow Lotion

Caramel Golden Glow Lotion

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  • Caramel glow  lotion

Perfect for brown skin complexion who want a nice golden caramel glow tone. 
Luxurious clarifying perfecting skin brightening lotion  made with potent skin brightening ingredients, it restores luminous giving skin a silky caramel glow. It anti-aging properties. It nourishes the skin, rebuilds collagen Within 10 days of use skin is radiant, firm and bright.Its smooth, silky texture, this  body cream made with plant  extracts, unifies and clarifies the complexion while protecting the skin and fading imperfections and scars. Especially recommended for dull skin. For optimum results, use our advanced 24k gold glow serum to enhance the performance of our products Suitable for all skin types 
Apply to skin 2-3 times day after using any of our body wash or any of our organic soaps. 

How to Enjoy


  • Apply to desired area and massage in complete.
  • Apply morning and night.twice daily.
  • See stretch marks, acne scars, and freckles fade away
  • Use with 24k gold glow Brightening Serum
  • Unveil your glowing complexion in as little as two weeks!
  • brightens complexion 
  • Herbal ingredients with sunscreen 
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