Premium Whitening body lotion With Egyptian milk and papaya extract

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This lightening and Moisturizing skin rehab set is an advanced potent formulation for lightening lotion which not only brightens up and moisturize your skin it erases all imperfections and skin damage. 

The result is a clearer,  lighter, blemish free,  flawless, glowing , smooth, soft and even toned complexion. Made with the very best ingredients. Tried and tested to guarantee visible results as early as 7 days ! 

Satisfaction guaranteed! No stretchmarks !


Aqua, organic, Egyptian milk, Egyptian oil, marine Collagen, Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Rosehip oil, Glutathione,Papaya extract, Glycerine, Giga white powder, Kojic acid,Orange essential oil, Vitamin A,E and D, Fruit acid



For external use only, Apply on the body Morning and night after bath. Use twice daily for a best result.